Consultation Fees

The initial homeopathic consultation will take up to 90 minutes where we will discuss your main complaint and other symptoms that are unique to you. Prescriptions are given in pill/tablet form and occasionally flower essences and tinctures.

All information disclosed in the consultation is confidential. We recommend a follow-up sessions to monitor any changes and review progress.

£65 for 90 minutes – 1st appointment
£45 for 45 minutes – follow up

£45 for 60 minutes – 1st appointment
£30 for 30 minutes – follow up

Discounted rates available for those on low income/student.

I am also part of Waltham Forest LETS, a local exchange trading system where people can trade goods and services without using money. If you are a member of LETS or would like to be, I am happy to exchange my services as a homeopath with you.

Mineral Check  Nutrient and Toxic Element testing  – £55

Treatment Package
1st appointment including 5 follow up appointments for £245. This gives you a follow up for free. This package includes free ongoing health advice via telephone and email.

Pregnancy package
Please contact for further information.

**All fees include homeopathic remedies. Excludes tinctures or flower essences.**

£30 cancellation fee for less than 24 hour notice given. 


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